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2018.12.06 PE foam profile line inspected by Qatar customer

Published:2019-05-13 17:13

PE foam profile machine tested successful in our factory

Date: 07th December 2018

Today we have tested the PE foam profile machine for our Qatar customer.

the PE foam profile machine is use single screw extruder to make PE foam profile with good bending strength.

the mold and calibrator is specially designed for the production of PE foam profile.

we have special formula and material for making the PE foam profile with solid shape.

the final product is made with high quality for good appearance and good bending strength which can use for makling woven wall.

Below is the machine testing pictures:

1, 50*20mm Double cavity PE foam profile tested:

Output product with good quality and uniform section

2, 150*20mm solid PE foam profile testing successfully:

3, The best advertisment is the satisfication of customer, this customer is so happy here when he see the machine running so good,

successfully trail finished before delivery the machine.

Customer application of the PE foam profile, if any one interested in this final product, we shall happy to introduce to our this customer.

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