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Published:2019-05-13 15:37

Warmly Celebrate Our Company's Co-extrusion WPC Solid Door Frame with Wood Grain Production Line Successfully Installed in Mumbai, India!

On March 25, 2019, our engineers successfully tested the wpc door frame production line at the Mumbai customer’s factory in India, and continued to produce stably for more than three hours during the first testing of the day.

During the production process, our engineers adopted a one-step technology to directly extrude wood-plastic solid door frame products with wood grain surfaces without laminating. The core of the product is evenly foamed, the surface of the wood grain is realistic, and the quality of the product is better than expected by the customer.

This production line can be used to process a wide range of wood-plastic profiles. The products are not only very similar in appearance to natural wood, but also can be used outdoors for a long time without fading.

Excellent equipment quality, professional technical service, and continuous customer satisfaction are always our goal. Welcome customers from all over the world to come to consult!

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